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Getting the most out of your mixing and mastering order with reference song


When you would like to order mixing and mastering services on your music after recording, here are some useful suggestions for getting a smooth process and to make your engineer understand your vision clearly for the best result of your song.  

When you share your reference songs/artists with your mixing/mastering engineer, the reference should reflect and showcase the sound and vibe of your song. The reference should not be your favorite songs/artists that you like to listen to that do not share any similarities with your song.  You should choose and pick the reference song that is in the same genre and has a similar vibe, structure, and arrangement with your song.

For example, if your song is HIPHOP and the reference song that you would like your engineer to refer to is EDM, the sound you are looking for will not be conveyed correctly because both genres share different sounds and elements. It is also not a good idea to share a song of piano and vocal arrangement to refer to when your song contains full-band instrument elements even they may be in the same genre, because both songs should be mixed and treated differently.

Additionally, if you do a cover song, please share the original version as a reference if you want your cover to be close to the original, or if there are other covers you would like the engineer to refer to.

If you know specifically what you are looking for, but it might be difficult for you to find the right audio production terms to describe when communicating with the engineer, you can easily share the kind of sound and vibe by providing reference material that share the similarities with your song to make the engineer understand your vision accurately, but if you are not sure or do not have any particular requests, you can leave it up to the engineer.

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At Goldilocks Playroom, we craft, mix and master your song as the next big hit.

During the mixing and mastering process, we compare each sound with an "AB test" to make sure you will get what you vision expects. We call your song "Our song".

We delicately craft your song with passion and emotion that the song is taking us to where it should be to make sure the audiences can hear your soul. With our music/audio production services, we will work with you to reflect and convey your vision delicately. We firmly understand the importance of each and every detail in the process, which is why we do not compromise, because great music’s always born from each of small steps into the success of its journey. It is not just sound, but every element in the song should beautifully serve and drive emotions at its fullest, and because of that each step of the process needs to be crafted delicately to convey the true soul behind it.

Our mixing and mastering services use both top class-brands analog equipment and high-end software plugins to ensure your song get the best out of both worlds.

Music Studio, Music Production, Recording Studio

Goldilocks Playroom is a one-stop music studio providing a wide range of services from individual practice space to recording and music productions. For more information of the services, please click on the links music practice space, recording, mixing and mastering, music production.

If you are looking for a music or recording studio in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo or in Takadanobaba, please contact us for reservations or inquiries.

To Your Musical Journey!


Goldilocks Playroom


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