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The concept of music room designed for individual music practice and lessons


Goldilocks Playroom was designed to be a creative cozy-relaxing space with a touch of Victorian-Gothic vintage style for individual music practice session that feels at home without distractions to enhance the concentration, creativity, and motivation of one’s musical goals.

Four rooms were purposely designed as a personal creative and practice space in mind for different usages. Each of the rooms is well-equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment for a wide range of applications such as DTM, Self-REC, Singing, Piano, Guitar, String and Wind Instruments. The user can be able to choose each room to best suit one’s need.

music studio

The music rooms were constructed by YAMAHA with its highest soundproof quality and acoustic sound treatment to ensure the best experience possible for the user.

The Piano of choice is YAMAHA Clavinova Series for the unmistakable tone and touch of the finest concert grand pianos ever made with modern features to greatly enhance playing experience.

All speakers and amps in every room are studio-grade containing many options for connectivity and convenient features such as Bluetooth and USB ready for monitoring, recording, streaming, and practicing in various applications.

The four rooms cover pretty much for all different kinds of individual and a small group practice session combining with the decoration and atmosphere providing a comfortable and relaxing feeling in a unique experience.

The lighting and candles in the rooms help to enhance the experience even more for the quality and concentration during the practice session. They can be adjusted from dim to white light for specific moods to create and simulate different feelings and scenarios.

Candle, violin

Room01 was designed for DTM, songwriting, self-rec, online music lessons, web conference, voice and music demo recording.

Room02 was designed for practicing instruments, singing, and acting.

Room03 was designed for practicing piano.

Room04 was designed for small groups and music lessons that need more space or more than one instruments in a practice session.

music room, piano, DTM

The music room service focuses on the worthwhile experience and result that you will get, and what tools and equipment that will help you to improve your musical skills while enjoying your practice sessions.

If you are looking for a creative space for practicing your music with high-quality instruments and equipment in a luxurious vibe with affordable price. Visit us at Goldilocks Playroom, a music studio for music practicing, recording and audio music productions located in Takadanobaba Shinjuku Tokyo.

To Learn more about the music rooms, please click on the links of each room: Room01, Room02, Room03, Room04

To Learn more about recording, audio, and music production services at Goldilocks Playroom. please feel free to contact us.

Goldilocks Playroom

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