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The Monthly Plans to support you to achieve and enjoy your musical journey


At Goldilocks Playroom, we provide "Monthly Plans" on our music room service where you can practice as much as you want up to 3 hours per day whenever you want without worrying about the hourly rates which is quite rare among music studios.

The Monthly Plans are made to support and maximize your individual practice routine to achieve your practice goals and grow your musical skills.

Practicing and keeping your performance skills in shape are essential for those who are working or studying in the music industry, and for those who aspire to become musicians or artists as well as those who enjoy music for hobby also need the right environment and space to play instruments.

If you are looking for a music space to practice your music frequently but you are concerned about the costs and other restrictions…

We proudly present our special flat-rate monthly plans for you to get all the great benefits to take your practice to the next level from our music room service.

1.    One Payment

With a fixed price plan, you pay the fee only once and use the service every day on the full month you wish to during the terms. You can choose to start or stop anytime you want once your monthly plan is complete. It doesn’t require you to pay every month.

2.    Biggest Saving Two Plans

We offer two monthly plans available for one full month in the style that best suits you. There are four rooms provided for you to choose from.

Music Studio, Music Practice Rooms

(Lighting in each room can be adjusted to create your own personal music space)

Room01: Suitable for singer-song writer, DTMer, beatmaker, instrumentalist, Self-REC, and streamer etc.

Room02: Suitable for vocalist, violinist, guitarist, and other string and woodwind instrumentalists.

Room03: Suitable for pianist, singer-song writer, music lessons.

Room04: Suitable for pianist, vocalist, singer-songwriter, other instrumentalists as well as music lessons.

Premium Member (¥14,300/Month)

You can use and select Room01, Room02, and Room03 for up to 1.5 hours per day at any time where you can choose each of any rooms according to what you need for your practice session on a particular day. By breaking down, it’s a huge saving deal ONLY ¥318/H!! You won’t find this crazy deal anywhere based on any normal hourly rate in Tokyo. If additional equipment needed, the rental fee is as low as¥132 per item/H

Elite Member (¥20,900/Month)

You can use and select any rooms of your choice from Room01, Room02, Room03, and Room04 for up to 3 hours per day at any time. This is the Biggest saving deal ONLY ¥232/H!! You won’t find this craziest deal anywhere based on any normal hourly rate in Tokyo. Plus, free of charge for any rental additional equipment if needed.

3.    Easy Reservation

You can make your room reservations in advance via our online web booking available 24 hours. Those who wish to use the service on a specific day and time can easily manage their schedules easily.

4.     Community

With the monthly plans, you can have more opportunities to interact with other musicians and music lovers who share similar goals and interests like-minded people. Through interaction with them who share common interests and hobbies, you can get to know and hang out with all different types and levels of players, exchange valuable information in music and be more inspired to even boost more of your musical knowledge and skills.

5.    Motivation

Once you decide to make it as a routine by choosing the monthly plans, it will motivate and encourage you to come and practice more and stay focused to achieve your musical goals and abilities that you always wanted to become.

Take advantage of these great benefits from the monthly plans to improve your musical skills and to achieve your musical goals by practicing effectively at Goldilocks Playroom Music Studio, specializing in individual practice and focusing on providing the best experience for music practice space.

Music Studio, Music Practice Rooms

[Equipment Rental]

Please let us know in advance if you need any equipment, as the number is limited. Equipment is subject to change without notice due to maintenance or other reasons.

[Reservation & Cancellation Policy]

・In the monthly plans, reservations can be made one month in advance. You can book a maximum of 7 practice sessions at any given time within a one-month period. Once you have booked 7 sessions, one or more sessions need to be completed before booking additional slots. This ensures fair access to studio resources for all customers and helps prevent overbooking.

・Cancellations are accepted by phone only.

・If you contact us at least one week prior to the reserved date, no cancellation fee will be charged.

・If you cancel 6 days prior to the reserved date, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged; if you cancel on the day of the reservation, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

・If you change the date or time of your reservation for your own reason, or if there is an error caused by you in the reservation details, we will consider it as a cancellation.

・If you do not show up 15 minutes after the reserved time without informing us, your reservation will be cancelled.

・Cancellation fees for Premium and Elite members are based on the regular membership hourly rates for the selected room, time, and day of the week. Payment of the cancellation fee must be made prior to continuing the use of the plan.

・Cancellation fees must be paid in-store or by bank transfer within 15 days of the cancellation date.

Goldilocks Playroom is a one-stop music studio providing a wide range of services from individual practice space to recording and music productions. For more information of other services, please click on the links recording, mixing and mastering, music production.

If you are looking for a music or recording studio in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo or near Takadanobaba, please feel free to contact us for reservations and inquiries!

Goldilocks Playroom

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