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ミックスマスタリングサービス,音楽スタジオ_Mixing & Mastering, 東京レコーディングスタジオ

Mixing / Mastering


We will support you with our experience from working with individual clients to major media companies in many projects around the globe to ensure great results.

Online Mixing & Mastering

The last dressing stages of music and audio production to make your project complete and ready for the world to hear your soul. Let us be the means of amplifying your story!

Our studio uses modern hybrid system of both analog outboard gears and software plugins from top-class brands to give your sound a great tonal character.

Speak with us today to bring your song to a professional standard.

Before Mix+Master (Pop)

Before Mix+Master (Rap)

Before Mix+Master (Country)

After Mix+Master (Pop)

After Mix+Master (Rap)

After Mix+Master (Country)


It is the process of combining, blending, and balancing all individual recorded tracks and elements of a song to speak to each other and sound cohesive by generally using panning (positioning sounds in the stereo image), EQ (adjusting the volume of different frequencies), compressors (controlling dynamic range and shaping tone), and adding effects such as reverb, delay and chorus.

To put it simply, when taking a group photo, taller persons will be placed at the back so that they will not block or cover shorter persons, and main members of the group will be asked to be in the center of the frame and more focused. In audio mixing, it is the same where main sound elements of the song are usually in the center and sound more upfront such as vocals and kick drum while supporting elements like guitars and percussions are placed on the side to form a full spectrum of sound image to human ears. Of course, there’s more to it than that where each music genre has different methods and approaches of mixing sound elements. This is just a general explanation of audio mixing.

Starting at ¥22,000~


It is the process that occurs after mixing by putting the final touches and enhancing the overall sound to be ready for release and distribution at the industry loudness and format standards and to translate well across different playback systems such as phone speakers, earbuds, headphones, TV and car speakers etc.

Just like after making sushi, a final touch is to garnish with wasabi, ginger and soy sauce, and elegantly place them on a beautiful plate ready to be served. In audio mastering, it is the same as the final stage of audio production to enhance the mix and prepare the song for different distributions such as CD, MP3, streaming services, radio etc. Not only that, but also working on a consistent listening experience when mastering a full album that contains various songs.

Starting at ¥5,500~

Audio Editing

Removing gaps or unwanted parts, eliminating background noise, syncing and arranging audio tracks, fixing timing issues or fine-tuning vocals, we got you.

Our audio editing service is ready to be your audio housekeeper to polish your audio file.

Send us your audio and tell us how you’d like it to be polished.

We offer several types of audio editing for music and sound.

Audio Clean Up

  • Removing mouth smacking noises, pops, clicks etc.

  • Reducing plosives and loud breathing sounds on vocal recording.

Music Editing

  • Fixing timing issues

  • Pitch Correction

  • Syncing and adding music to moving picture


VO/Podcast/Audio Book/Sound Editing

  • Removing unwanted noise, sound, sentences, words or parts

  • Matching and merging different takes

  • Changing speed of speech

  • Making the arrangement of your voice over, narration or audio interview

  • Improving and enhancing the sound of your audio

オーディオ編集 サービス

Before Clean Up

After Clean Up

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高田馬場 オーディオ制作サービス

Audio Post Production Pricing

  • Spot/Basic audio editing/Audio Clean Up, price starts at ¥1,650〜 per track

  • Fixing timing issues, price starts at ¥3,300〜 per track

  • Pitch Correction, price starts at ¥8,800〜 per track

  • Multi-track mixing, price starts at ¥22,000〜 per song

  • Stereo/Stem mastering, price starts at ¥5,500〜 per song

  • If the song is longer than 5 mins, ¥2,750 additional charge may apply.

All prices include Tax



  • iMac Pro

Audio Interface

  • Universal Audio Apollo x8


  • Yamaha HS8 and HS8 Sub

  • Sennheiser HD 650 Sonarworks

  • Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO

  • Sony MDR-7506

  • Manley Core Reference Tube CH Strip

  • Heritage Audio HA73X2 Elite 2CH Mic Preamp

  • Focusrite ISA 2CH Mic Preamp

  • Lindell Audio 6X 500 Mic Pre/EQ

  • Avalon U5 Class A Active Instru DI/Preamp

  • Radial Pro D2

  • Palmer PDI 09


Analog Processors

Headphone Amp

  • Presonus HP 4

  • SSL Fusion

  • Lindell Audio PEX 500 Series Passive EQ

  • Lindell Audio 7X 500 Series Compressor/Limiter

Control Surfaces


  • Softube Console One MKII

  • Presonus Fader Port 16

  • Samson S-Patch Plus 48point Balanced

  • Hosa Patchbay Mic In

Production Software

  • UAD Software Plug-in System

  • Fabfilter Bundle

  • Soundtoy 5 Complete Bundle

  • iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced

  • iZotope RX 9 Advanced

  • Melodyne 5 Studio


Power Conditioner
  • Telefunken CU29 Copperhead 

  • Mojave MA200 

  • Neumann KM184 mt Stereo Set

  • Shure SM57

  • Shure SM58

  • Shure SM7B

  • Shure 55SH 

  • Bluebird 

  • Rode NT 


  • Mogami Neutrik

  • Canare Neutrik

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