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クラシック音楽室, 高田馬場音楽スタジオ

Room 01

Cozy-relaxing Soundproof rooms for individual and small group music practice for a wide range of uses from Piano, Guitar, String and Wind Instruments, Singing, DTM, Songwriting, to Self-Rec.

Music Studio for individual practice, vocal and instrument recording in Takadanobaba Shinjuku Tokyo

Music Rooms
"More than just soundproof rooms"

Practice More

Pay Less


Full Month


  • Are you looking for a speakeasy place to personally practice and enjoy your instrument in alone time without worrying about others?

  • Are you looking for a soundproof room with acoustic treatment to produce and hear the proper sound of how your acoustic instrument resonates and its full tone, but it’s difficult to do and hear that at home?

  • Are you looking to start your piano journey, but not sure where to try out a good quality piano and practice after work or school?

  • Are you and your friend looking for a chill place to just play piano and sing together?

  • Are you looking for a music lesson-friendly room to schedule your lesson in advance including all essential tools provided for you?

  • Are you looking for a cozy place to work on your singing/songwriting and record some rough ideas?

At Goldilocks Playroom, our goal is to support every individual who has passion for music, and to be a part to contribute to your musical journey by providing our services in the best and most effective way as possible to meet and support your musical needs.


Are you satisfied with your current practice place?

Cozy vibe with concept in mind equipped with professional and high-quality grade soundproof rooms, instruments and tools necessary for your practice sessions and music lessons. You will feel comfy and triggered by your creative spark. We have four different rooms to serve your needs. Let this playroom be a catalyst for your musical spirit!

The Look and Feel of Light can be adjusted according to your mood from dim light to white light.

東京音楽スタジオ, レコーディングスタジオ

Free WIFI in all rooms

Soundproofed by Yamaha Avitecs 

Goldilocks Playroom
クラシック音楽室, セルフレコーディングスタジオ

"Go beyond practicing, Customize it to be your music room"


Effective Tools to Optimize Your Practice

We know that practice is key to reach your musical goals as the famous saying states “Practice makes Perfect”. It’s not about how long you have played your instrument but how often you have practiced your instrument in the most effective way possible by understanding and using the right tools and methods to help you develop and grow your techniques and musicianship faster. For that, we provide all the essential tools to ensure that you can use them to optimize your music practice.

Personalize Your Vibe

Not only is each of our music rooms equipped with all the tools you need for your practice, but you can also adjust the lighting in the room to suit your mood. If you want to concentrate on your performance, go bright with daylight to boost your energy and feel refreshing. When you want to feel relaxed and be creative, you can adjust the lighting to a warmer-dimmer light mood.

Cnadles_Music Studio.jpeg

Little Feature to enhance Your Experience

Each of the rooms has candles as a little feature to help create a peaceful, relaxing, and calming atmosphere for a productive practice session. By gazing at the flickering flame, it helps to boost your practice concentration and calm your mind to allow your thoughts into a meditative state.

Music Room Offers & Discounts

  • Craziest Saving Deal ¥232 Per Hour on Monthly Plan!!

  • Full Month Access Starting ¥14,300 Anytime/Any day/Any Room

  • Add LINE Get 10% OFF for First Time Customer

  • Student and Teacher Get 20% Discount from regular prices

  • Get 10% Discount for Room Pack

Membership Plans

Dark Concrete Wall

Take advantage of our membership plans and practice as much as you want, whenever you want!

Regular Member

  • Hobbyists who want to enjoy playing and practicing sometime

  • Room 01, 02, 03, 04

  • ¥1,320 - ¥1,760/hour depends on room, time, and day

  • ¥132 per hour on each optional equipment if needed

Premium Member

  • Musicians and music students who need to rehearse and practice often

  • Full Month Access to any selected room (Room01-03) on any opening time and day with one payment

  • Up to 1.5 hours per day 

  • Huge Saving Deal!! "ONLY ¥318/H"

  • ¥132 per hour on each rental and optional equipment if needed

  • Hurry! This membership plan can only be offered to a limited number of members each month

Elite Member

  • Musicians, Producers, Music Teachers who need to work on projects, teach lessons, and practice everyday

  • Full Month Access to any room (Room01-04) on any opening time and day with one payment

  • Up to 3 hours per day

  • Biggest Saving Deal!! "ONLY ¥232/H"

  • Free rental and optional equipment if needed

  • Hurry! This membership plan can only be offered to a limited number of members each month

Start now to get closer to your musical goals and become the player that you’ve always wanted to be!

Premium and Elite Membership Advantages

  • A lot cheaper than using hourly rate system and other rental studios.

  • Big saving for customers who practice regularly.

  • Very suitable for customers who want a soundproof space on a regular basis.

  • Best deals for students who need a place for taking lessons and for practicing.

  • Flexible and efficient for teachers who teach many private lessons.

  • Very easy to manage and book in advance on our 24-hour web booking system for customers who want to practice often after school/work or in free time.

  • Have your personal music practice space with provided equipment and instruments already being set up and well-designed for you.

  • Great subscription plans, only pay for the specific 30 days that you want the full access.

  • For Elite Plan: free optional equipment and instruments, any room can be selected based on your wish.


What are the differences of each membership plan?

Our studio is membership based (no admission fee). We have 3 membership plans on music room service for you to choose. Regular plan is a plan based on hourly rates while Premium and Elite plans are the plans with one payment for 30 days full access to our music room service. Both plans are a subscription model that you pay monthly. You only pay for the 30 days for the plans, and you can later choose to extend for another 30 days full access or return to the regular hourly rate plan. You can decide and change which plan that bests suit you on the given time and application as you wish.

What are the maximum hours on Premium and Elite Plans?

Both plans have different maximum hours. Premium plan is 1.5 hours per day and Elite plan is 3 hours per day which mean you can use the music rooms as much as you desire within the given maximum hours. If you wish to extend the time after the maximum hours of your plans, the regular hourly rates of the room will be applied. For Elite member, any additional rental equipment and instruments that are being used after the maximum hours will still be free of charge.

How do cancellation policies on Premium and Elite Plans work?

For cancellation policies and fees on both plans, they are applied the same as regular cancellation terms. Please see the details on the terms and conditions page here.

Music Room Pricing

Regular Pricing

Price Display Including Tax

Price Display is per 30 mins

Prices are per room, not per person
Opening Hours: Everyday 10.00~22.00

Room Packs & Discounts

  • All room prices include all the equipment listed in each room.

  • 3 Hours or More 10% OFF​

  • Students get 20% OFF ※ Student ID is required for the discount

  • Discount offers or Room Pack cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.

“The studio is very nice, clean, and very stylish. If the studio had been around when I was a university student, I would have definitely come more often”

Customer A

Floor Map

クラシック音楽室_音楽スタジオ_ピアノスタジオ_Goldilocks Playroom Floor Map_高田馬場新宿区

Room Guide

クラシック音楽室_音楽スタジオ_Instrument List

If your instrument is not listed or you have any questions, please feel free to check with us.
This is just our room guide, Any instruments can be used in any rooms as long as they are applicable.

Why Goldilocks Playroom?

Apart from the soundproof rooms with all the tools for your practice, you can stay focused and detach yourself from any distractions at home. At home, there are many temptations that can distract you, such as family members talking to you, sudden visitors, playing your cell phone or watching TV. At Goldilocks Playroom, however, there are no such distractions, and you can set and organize your practice times and schedules properly that will help you concentrate more and practice effectively which will improve your practice drastically.

Our music rooms support many types of musicians from beat-makers, singer-songwriters, guitarists, pianists to classical instrumentalists.

クラシック音楽室, 音楽スタジオ, レコーディングスタジオ

Each of the rooms is decided for specific purpose in mind (though our rooms can be used interchangeably among each other) with a great size of space aimed for individual practice, not an overly big space that is mainly built and used for other purposes. Everything should be within your reach to waste no time for your practice and stay focused.

We prioritize on what will maximize your music practice and how you can benefit and leverage all the provided practice tools and equipment in the rooms, not the cheapest prices with empty room that will require you to rent more equipment which will add up and result in much higher price after all with limited options of gear and the lack of quality with no optimization. Fast food can get you full, but why a full course meal? Isn’t it because of the different experience during the meal and the variety and quality of food that you will get?

Our music room service focuses on the worthwhile experience and result that you will get, and what tools and equipment that will help you to improve your musical skills while enjoying your practice sessions at our music rooms with our attentive staff to assist and support you. From Room01 to write your song to Room02 and Room03 to practice your instruments and to Room04 to rehearse and record your song to finally meet the mix room for your song postproduction and complete the entire process of your music as a one-stop place to support your musical life.

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