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Man Plucking a Double Bass  in a Nightclub and a Female SingerStanding


A Space to Sharpen Your Chops

Goldilocks Playroom is a creative space for music practice and music production. We provide four soundproof rooms to serve your needs along with music production services as a one-stop place for your music journey. Each room consists of all necessary high-quality tools and instruments to serve different purposes such as songwriting, music practice and lesson, as well as music recording. Our space can be used in a variety of ways and welcomes all musical souls from beginners and hobbyists to virtuosos.  


Not only great gear, soundproofing and sound treatment, but the atmosphere of studio space also plays a big role in the creative process. With the mix and match decor of dark and moody vibe at our playroom, we would like to take you on a journey to somewhere in time where you can feel motivated and inspired without distraction to get lost in imagination and purely focus on your music in an alternative cozy space to feel just right for your artistic goals like the name Goldilocks, an astronomical term taken from a child fairy tale, which refers to the habitable zone around a star where it is not too hot and not too cold for life and when there’s life, there’s music.


Take “GOLDILOCKS PLAYROOM” as the ultimate destination for your creative space.

We are looking forward to serving and supporting you and your music journey!

“As being a musician, producer and engineer myself, I always wanted a place where I can focus on my work and practice sessions without any distractions or disturbing others while still feeling like in a warm cozy living room on autumn night with only me and my music. That’s why Goldilocks Playroom was born with a goal to serve and support any musical souls who are seeking a place to practice and enjoy music in a unique experience.”

Poh  – Founder of Goldilocks Playroom


I listen to any good music regardless of genres. But, HIPHOP and R&B from 90s and 2000s are my soft spot. I also love to listen to our customer's songs ♪ I love learning about music and audio evermore. I'm from Kansai and will support you guys! If you guys have any questions, please let me know!

Nami  –  Manager of Goldilocks Playroom

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