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Feel the Vibe, Make Music Journey

Music Studio for individual practice, vocal and instrument recording in Takadanobaba Shinjuku Tokyo


"Whether you enjoy music as hobby or aspire to become a musician, We will support you step up to the next level"

Opening Hours: Everyday 10am~10pm

A musical speakeasy place with cozy and relaxed vibe to practice and enjoy your instruments to hone your musical craft. We focus on providing the best music room service for individual instrument practice, small groups and music lessons. Four soundproof rooms with acoustic treatment for you to choose which are uniquely decided and built for various instrument applications equipped with professional instruments and gear included in each room to support and maximize your practice session for all types of players. 


We also provide vocal and instrument recording service along with audio and music production services using analog hardware and software from top-class brands with our experienced team to provide the best sound as we can for your project. It’s the only place for individual practice with audio and music production as a one-stop music studio for your music journey.


Music Rooms

  • Cozy-relaxing soundproof rooms for individual and small group music practice for a wide range of uses from Piano, Guitar, String and Wind Instruments, Singing, DTM, songwriting, to self-rec.

  • Offering Monthly Plans Access with one payment. Take advantage of the monthly plans with only ¥232/H pay less to practice more, whenever you want.

  • Four soundproof rooms with acoustic treatment to choose.

  • Each of the rooms is uniquely decided and equipped with different tools and instruments to meet your specific needs.

  • Many features to give you a special experience for a productive session.

  • Let you customize the room to create your personal vibe for your practice session.

  • Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, our music rooms are ready to serve many musical instruments in various applications.

We provide a place that dedicatedly focuses on individual practice at affordable prices where you can do it daily without compromising the quality of instruments and equipment to bring your music practice and rehearsal to the next level.

Music Room Offers & Discounts

  • Craziest Saving Deal ¥232 Per Hour on Monthly Plan!!

  • Full Month Access Starting ¥14,300 Anytime/Any day/Any Room

  • Add LINE Get 10% OFF for First Time Customer

  • Student and Teacher Get 20% Discount from regular prices

  • Get 10% Discount for Room Pack

Practice More

Pay Less


Full Month



  • Vocal/Voice & Instrument Recording Service for solo and indie artists/singers/idol groups/voice actors and narrators.

  • REC hour Packs to best suit your need and budget.

  • Offering various REC Plans with mixing&mastering to get your song complete and ready for release.

  • Additional audio editing service such as Pitch Correction, Timing Fixing, and Harmony Creation.

  • Vocal Director to guide and support you during recording session if needed.

  • Includes all recording booth, control room and engineer in one pack at very affordable price.

  • A collection of tube and FET condenser microphones as well as dynamic microphones to serve your recording sessions.

  • Tube and solid-state preamps with transformers to enhance and give your recording characters.

  • From top to bottom, our recording chain will ensure that your vocals and acoustic instruments sound naturally warm and smooth.

With all the pro audio equipment and our experience, your recording will be shinning and ready for the post-production. A great sounding record starts with great recording stage.

高田馬場 レコーディング機材 ヴォーカル
音楽スタジオ_Mixing & Mastering


  • Online Professional Mixing&Mastering Services for your convenience.

  • Using modern hybrid system of both analog outboard gears and plugins from top-class brands to give your song a great tonal character.

  • Getting your song to sound up to the highest standards possible.

  • Ensuring commercial standard loudness and platform compatibility.

  • Providing additional audio editing services such as Pitch Correction, Timing Fixing, and Harmony Creation.

With our modern hybrid system of equipment and our experience in the music industry, we will get your song to compete with mainstream artists to create and grow more of your new fans.

Music Production

  • Producing your Original Song start to finish from composition, arrangement, instruments, vocals, mixing to mastering in all of the production process.

  • Creating and design a unique Sound Logo or adding music to amplify your brand in people's minds.

  • Whether you need a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, or pianist, our professional session musicians will record the tracks for your song.

  • Providing a high-quality virtual MIDI instrument production service to greatly fit your budget.

With our experienced team of producers and musicians, we will transform your idea and vision into a fully produced professional song ready to be released. 

音楽スタジオ,防音室, Music Studio

4 Music Rooms

マイク, ピアノ, メトロノーム, 機材, Music Studio

All necessary practice tools included


Recording and Production Services


WEB Booking

スタッフ, フレンドリー, 受付

Attentive and Friendly Staff

英語対応, 日本語, 音楽スタジオ, Music Studio

Japanese and English Support

Wi-Fi, 無料WiFi


キャッシュレス決済, クレジットカード

Cashless & Credit Card Payments




Easy to access from different train stations


Parking Lots Nearby


“Creative Space for Music Practice and Production"

Piano Studio, Music Practice Rooms and Recording Studio in Takadanobaba Shinjuku Tokyo

Get in Touch

3F Isshin Japan Building, 3-36-7, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-0075 Japan

Tel: 03-6279-1907

Opening Hours: Everyday 10am~10pm

新宿音楽スタジオ, ヴォーカルレコーディング, 個人練習
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