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クラシック音楽室, DTM ビートメイカースタジオ

The Composer
Room 01

Ready to serve DTMer, singer-song writer, beatmaker, instrumentalist, music-lover, and streamer etc.

クラシック音楽室, 個人練習

The Look and Feel of Light can be adjusted according to your mood from dim light to white light.


The Composer Room provides with full equipment and gear for practice session, song-writing, self-recording, online streaming, podcast and conference as well as music listening.


Bring your instrument and laptop or tablet device and Start Plug-and-Play!​


The room can accommodate around 1-2 people (2.5 m2)

Equipment in the Room

  • Computer Monitor - Dell S2421HS 

  • Studio Monitor Speakers - PreSonus Eris E3.5 BT ※ Smartphone/Tablet/PC can be paired via Bluetooth to jam and play along with

  • Audio Interface - Audient Evo 4 ※ Compatible with smart devices and PC

  • MIDI Keyboard - Akai MPK Mini Play Mk3 

  • Fader Controller - Korg nano KONTROL 2 

  • Mic - Rode NT-USB Studio Condenser Mic

  • Studio Headphones - Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

  • Tuner/Metronome - Korg TM-60

  • Instrument Cable - Fender Professional Series

  • Phone and Tablet Stand Holder

  • Arm Mic Stand

Cables are provided, but you may need to bring your own type of adapters that is compatible with your device.

Equipment is subject to change without notice due to maintenance or other reasons.


Starting at ¥660/30 mins (tax included)
Choose Premium or Elite Plan* for
BIG SAVING deals and FREE rental equipment*.

Room Packs & Discounts

  • All room prices include all the equipment listed in each room.

  • 3 Hours 10% OFF​

  • 4 Hours or More 20% OFF

  • Students get 20% OFF ※ Student ID is required for the discount

  • Discount offers or Room Packs cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.

Get to Know Room 01 More

Who is this room suitable for?

Any singer-songwriter, electronic musician/beatmaker, instrument player or streamer/podcaster who is looking for a place to work on demos, some rough ideas of your audio/music projects or practice instruments and songs as well as live streaming, web conferencing, and taking online music lessons or just wanting to enjoy listening to music. This room is dedicatedly built just for this purpose equipped with all the necessary studio-quality tools and equipment to support your needs in a great soundproof room with acoustic treatment at affordable price for you.

Instruments that can be used to practice in this room?

Voice/Singing, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Drum machine, Mini Keyboard/Synthesizer, and String Instruments such as Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, Shamisen etc. If you are not sure whether your instrument is applicable for this room or not, please feel free to check with us.


How many people can this room accommodate?

1-2 people as our studio focuses and specializes in individual practice and small groups. Number of people depends on what kind of instrument that will be used.


Does the room provide everything for my songwriting and instrument practice?

Yes, all the necessary tools and equipment with studio-quality are provided for your songwriting and practicing session such as audio interface, condenser mic, headphones, monitor speakers, MIDI Keyboard, fader controller, tuner/metronome, cables, screen monitor, phone and tablet holder, and arm mic stand.


What are the features and what make this room unique?

We use the highest grade of YAMAHA AVITECS soundproof room which provides great soundproofing and acoustic treatment controlling the reverberation inside the room to ensure the natural and rich sound of how musical instruments resonate and other applications.

Apart from that, we know not only the great quality of sound that we are looking for in equipment, but also the user experience and optimization. That’s why we put a lot of thoughts and hand-picked each of the tools and equipment to ensure that they can meet specific needs for various kinds of instrument applications and different types of players with huge result. Everything should maximize your songwriting process and practice session.

With provided Audient EVO 4 audio interface, you can use it to record your song demos, rough ideas or do podcast/gameplay/web conference with high-quality sound. Just connect it with your laptop (no need to install any drivers for macOS) or smart device* and plug in mic or/and instrument to record in your DAW or do live stream by using its loopback functionality** to capture and record your voice/instrument and computer audio separately. For audio interface user guide and driver downloads: please click here

*Using it with smart device will require powered USB hub and USB adapter (not provided)

**The loopback functionality is not available on smart device


Presonus Eris3.5 monitor speakers is provided to deliver studio-quality sound for your songwriting or composing process. You can also connect your phone via Bluetooth or plug in your music player which give you many options for connectivity.

Rode NT-USB studio condenser mic is provided for you to easily plug into your laptop or smart device to make a quick record of your singing or playing for your creative workflow. It is one of the best USB mics which delivers a natural and clear sound. Great for recording vocal/voice and instrument. Just connect the mic to your laptop/smart device and start using it.

Akai MPK Mini Keyboard is provided to let you use it as a USB MIDI Keyboard with your laptop/smart device or as a normal keyboard which contains awesome onboard sounds and effects as well as built-in speaker and the drum pads for your songwriting/beat-making process. It’s a very nice compositional tool.

Korg Fader controller is provided to let you control your DAW and software easily for your music production. It is compatible with both computer and smart device. For user guide and driver downloads: please click here

The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro is a professional studio pair of headphones, and it is provided for you to monitor your music production and recording process for accurate and responsive sound.

The Dell screen monitor is for using it as your second screen monitor with your laptop which will give you an excellent viewing experience.

Tuner in this room can be used for almost all types of instruments. It also has metronome section and can use with the tuner section simultaneously which is great for wind and brass instruments for orchestral practice.


Phone and tablet stand holder is for your live streaming and arm mic stand to give you a convenient way when using a mic to sing, record or stream as well as cables are provided to help your songwriting and practice session more complete.

Some Examples of equipment use in Room01:

Case A – Uses the USB Mic to record his singing with his acoustic guitar to his phone for his song ideas and uses the headphones to listen to his composition.

Case B - Brings in her laptop to connect with the audio interface and the screen monitor to start making her beat composition with the mini keyboard and fader controller while hearing her composition through the monitor speakers.

*To use the audio interface and mini keyboard with your smart device, it requires USB adapter (not provided) to connect to your smart device and plug a powered USB hub (not provided) into the USB adapter for powering connected equipment.

Case C – Uses the USB Mic with the headphones to do his podcast and web meeting from his laptop.

Case D – Practices her clarinet with the tuner/metronome for her orchestral performance.

Case E – Uses the screen monitor and the USB Mic with the headphones connecting to his laptop for taking his online vocal lesson.

Lighting in the room can be adjusted according to your mood from dim light to white light. Try it and you will experience a different atmosphere and vibe. Turn it off with only candles and floor light on, it will take you into another dimension.


All equipment in this room can support various styles of songwriting and practicing scenarios for many types of user application. Whether if you just want to learn to use the equipment for music production or use the equipment to compose your next hit song or practice in the usual way only you and your acoustic instrument, either way, this room will inspire you to practice and play more.


What do I need to bring or prepare?

We have already provided and prepared for you. You don’t need to bring anything except your own beloved instrument or your laptop/smart device with some accessories or adapters for your own configuration. We also have our equipment rental service for more equipment options for you.


Do you have other options of equipment to choose besides the provided ones?

Sure, you can check out our equipment rental service for more options of equipment.


Can I record or live stream inside the room?

Yes, that’s why we have provided the equipment set-up for you to self-record in the room. We also have our YAMAHA AG06 MK2 Mixer for you to rent for more functions and accessibility.


However, please note that there might be some sound leakage from other rooms. You can check and schedule your self-recording/live streaming session with us so we can put your booking in least busy hours. The purpose of this room is to let you work on your composition and record demo or rough ideas. We recommend that if you are looking to record professionally, please consider using our recording service.


Can I use this room for my music lesson?

Yes, whether you are a music teacher or student you can use this room for your lesson. But the room might be a little small for some types of music instrument lesson, if that’s the case, we recommend you using our Room 04 for bigger space. More than that, if you are a student or music teacher who wants to hold music lesson, we offer you 20% Discount.

If you still have more or other questions, please contact us: Tel. 03-6279-1907 or

Equipment Rental

Please call and check to book

Optional Instruments and Equipment to add in this Room


  • Condenser Mic Samson C01

  • Condenser Mic Bluebird

  • Dynamic Mic Shure SM58

  • Dynamic Mic Shure SM57

  • Dynamic Mic Shure SM7B

MIDI Controller

  • Novation Launch Pad Mini

Mixers (Self Rec/Live Streaming)

  • Yamaha AG06 MK2

  • iRig Mix

Amps and Speakers

  • Roland Cube Lite

  • Yamaha THR30II


  • Fender Lonestar Stratocaster Modified

  • Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe

  • Ibanez RG Prestige RG3250 (Eb Tuning)

  • Ibanez RG Prestige RG2570 MZ (Eb Tuning)

  • Martin DXME Acoustic Guitar

Each is ¥66/30 mins (tax included)

Equipment is subject to change without notice due to maintenance or other reasons.

Instrument Storage Service

Regardless of raining or snowing days, or how you choose to transport, let us be the guard of your instrument to keep it safe and sound so you don’t have to carry your instrument around or worry, just come and practice music with empty-handed at Goldilocks Playroom.

Only ¥110 Per Day (tax included)

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